Introducing: SCRATCH Animated Font


SCRATCH is a gritty font collection for video makers, editors, and content creators. This pack includes animated and still letters, numbers and symbols. It includes 4K Pro-Res 4444 and H.264 versions.

To make this pack I spent several weeks drawing multiple versions of each letter, number, and symbol. When I was happy with the complete collection I scanned every design individually at an ultra high resolution dpi. Next, the work of separating the backgrounds and removing all dust and extraneous pixels (this was the most detailed part of the process). By this point I had around 9-12 different versions of every letter, number, and symbol to be layered in Adobe Premiere to create the animation style. Each asset was exported in both 4K Pro-Res 4444 and HD H.264.
I spent weeks testing and making sure the details were perfected on these assets. I've been loving using them on my own projects so I'm excited for you to get your hands on them and see what you create.
SCRATCH is available now.

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