Pack Light - Stay Nimble.

You might have seen on my IG last week that I was in Italy shooting a project with my girlfriend, the traveling pasta chef herself, Cameo (@allorapasta).

It was an amazing trip – the kind that reminds you why you chose this career path in the first place.

One thing I was reminded of, especially for travel projects, is the importance of packing light!

We’ve all heard “the best camera is the one you have with you” and “gear doesn’t matter.”

But let’s be honest, it does. Gear makes a big difference in how you shoot and the quality of the final piece.

However, there’s a balance between staying light and nimble while having the equipment to shoot as you envision.

Restricting your gear to a small kit can actually help. Constraints foster creativity, forcing you to adapt and hone in on a particular way of working.

They provide the framework for what you create.

As an example of how constraints can spark creativity...
I wanted to capture images at the Ferrari Museum when we visited.

It was tough to get a shot without people. Plus, I wanted something more unique than the typical photo everyone else was shooting.

I was forced to work with what I had and I ended up focusing on abstract details of the cars which led to a collection of Ferrari images that are more unique.

I ended up bringing a stripped-down version of my cinema camera but only used it for a day or two.
Most of the time, I shot with my Super 8 and Leica Q2, which I could easily carry in my side bag, keeping me mobile and spontaneous.
So, as you head out on your summer adventures in the coming weeks, remember:

Pack light, travel light, stay nimble - focus on story, cohesion, and form.

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