Where to find creative inspiration.

Pulling reference images, building mood boards, and creating treatments is a big part of the creative process. Communicating the vision you have in your head is especially important when working on commercial projects with clients.

Here are a few platforms I use to find visual inspiration for mood boards, decks, and just general ideas for future projects.


Savee - savee.it

A platform for you to find the best visual inspiration & save images you love. No ads. No Tracking. Browse a collection of images curated by the best.

EyeCandy - eycndy.co

Curated by Jacobi Mehringer. Eyecandy is a visual technique community shared across three hubs. A website, an Instagram, and a Discord community.

ShotDeck - shotdeck.com

ShotDeck is the largest collection of fully searchable high-definition movie images in the world. The best collaborative professional tool for bringing your vision to life - from pitch to prep to post.


Frame Set - frameset.app

Search thousands of stills from commercials, music videos, and movies. Browse by type, credit, and equipment.

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