A new platform 🧵

Yesterday Meta launched a new app alongside Instagram called Threads.
Right now it's a very simple, text based platform. Essentially Twitter.
I spent a few hours on it last night and I'm about it. It felt like 2009 Twitter or 2011 Instagram - friendlier, casual, less divisive.
People just posting photos, chatting, and figuring out what this thing will be.
Here's a few highlights of what I liked so far:
  1. Photos were very high quality. Post up to 10 in a carousel - seamless scroll and full screen. 
  2. No Reels! (yet).
  3. Authentic interactions with new people.
  4. Very clean and simple interface.
  5. Quick link to IG to make cross posting to stories or feed quick and simple.
  6. Positivity!
I hope the vibe it has right now stays consistent. I'd also love to see this become the alternative platform for photographers to be able to share work again.
Photography has gotten crushed by Reels on IG, It would be great to see a resurgence of quality photography on a social platform again.
Adam Mosseri was replying to questions all day about their vision for this platform. I think this one summarizes what they're hoping for best.
What do you think?
Shoot me a message on Threads.🧵


I'll be posting asset samples, talking about the creative world, sharing projects, answering questions, and whatever else comes up along the way.

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